Our humble beginnings

We began our humble health story in Auckland in 1904 with two flour millers setting up shop, producing and packaging specialty flours. From there Healtheries was born. They built a business on a belief – that natural, healthy goodness should be something anybody can enjoy. And these days we’re still driven by the same passion – to create wholesome foods, delicious and refreshing teas and quality health supplements that take care of all of us a little better.

Trusted by the best

23 years winner of Trust Brand in New Zealand

At Healtheries we are committed to taking action for a healthier environment, planet and You!

Check out below what we have been up to across our different product categories.

We care about your health and the planet’s. That’s why our supplement bottles are now made from plants.
Plants are a renewable resource that remove carbon from our atmosphere, which helps reduce global warming.
Our bottles and lids are kerbside recyclable, and we’ve gone a step further – removing the white colour pigment from our bottles to increase their recyclability (meaning they can be made into more things, including more bottles).

Tea Range
Our Healtheries tea bags are proud to be plastic free and now certified home compostable by the Australasian Bioplastics Association. They are also 100% free from bleach, glue and staples.

View our Australasian Bioplastics Association Certificate here
Head over to our New Zealand FAQ page to find out more

Snacking & Bars
Our snacking range and bars are all a part of the soft plastic scheme, that means they don’t go into landfills.
The plastic is then turned into useful items such as fence posts , parking bumpers and bollards here in New Zealand.

Ethical Sourcing
We will ensure we source and create products that have been produced under fair, safe, legal and humane working conditions and minimize envoirmental harm.

World Class Manufacturing Processes

Healtheries products are all manufactured or packed in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Auckland, New Zealand. With an ongoing commitment to delivering the highest levels of quality and food safety, Vitaco is regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of health food and wellness products in the Asia Pacific. We specialise in the manufacture of vitamin supplements and dairy based products.Vitaco manufacturing sites are backed with:

• Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) procedures in place and licensed by Medsafe
• Approved Risk Management and Food Safety Plans (RMP & FSP)
• Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) recognised
• Informed-Choice certified site

Commitment to Quality and Product Safety

Vitaco is committed to the highest levels of quality and product safety. We have stringent quality management systems to ensure we produce high quality and safe products that are fit for purpose. We regularly challenge and review our systems, processes and procedures to drive improvement and manage quality.

Vitaco’s registrations, certifications and approvals include:

• Medsafe Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate – recognised by Therapeutic Goods Australia (TGA)
• New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) registered Risk Management Programmes
• NZ MPI registered Animal Products Exporter
• NZ MPI approved Food Control Plan
• MPI approved Halal and Animal Products Premises
• MPI approved Transitional Facility
• Registered Food Importer