Key Benefit

  • Maintaining everyday immune support and health in children under 10
  • Supporting children’s immune systems if they’re tired or stressed
  • Providing extra protection when they’re susceptible to infection
  • Helping their bodies to heal boils, skin infections, cuts, burns or bruises
  • Assisting their bodies to absorb Iron, which can help to protect against fatigue

Why use Healtheries Product?

  • If you’re looking for gentle immune support for your children – extra protection against all kinds of common infections – sometimes, the basics are best.
  • Healtheries® KidsCare® Vit C Chewable Tablets give your kids 100mg of pure, simple Vitamin C – the “Immune support Vitamin”. They’re made with a special, less-acidic Vitamin C form that’s gentle on sensitive stomachs, and formulated at a dose that’s just right for smaller bodies. Plus, they come in fun, animal shapes with a great-tasting fruit flavour, so children love taking them.

Ingredients & Usage