Key Benefit

  • Supporting healthy digestion
  • Beneficial for immune support and overall wellbeing
  • Replenishing natural probiotic bacteria levels if you’re taking antibiotic

Why use Healtheries Product?

  • An unbalanced, unhealthy gut can contribute to several health issues. Not just obvious digestive problems such as constipation, but also a unsupported immune system, headaches, mood swings, anxiety and weight issues.
  • A high-quality probiotic can help to rebalance your digestive system by increasing your levels of beneficial bacteria. This can keep unfriendly bacteria from gaining a foothold into your body, support your digestion, and even help you to absorb some important nutrients better.
  • Healtheries® Probiotic 10 Billion combines Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium animalis; two well-known scientifically researched strains of probiotic bacteria. These have shown to support a healthy digestive system by helping to maintain a good balance of beneficial bacteria in your gut. They can also support your immune health.

Ingredients & Usage